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Who is AMANDA J?

Amanda J. is no stranger to the School of Hard Knocks.

Exposed to bullying by her peers throughout her schooling, domestic violence, bankruptcy, failed relationships, obesity and an array of other life challenges, Amanda J. has used these experiences to help thousands learn to see their value within.

Whilst her work has been primarily conducted one-to-one, she has now made it her personal mission to spread her message and offer her teachings, on a larger scale, to those who know they deserve more from life.

An enthusiast of Human Behavioural research, Amanda J. holds qualifications in Hypnotherapy, Life/Self Esteem Coaching, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programing), Early Childhood and Business, and possesses nearly 20 years of experience developing and growing people to their potential.

'Live by Design or Disaster'

Let me ask you this...

Would you prefer to live your life in reaction to the circumstances that are thrown at you, or to be proactive and take charge?
Wouldn't it be wonderful if there was a way that you could take responsibility and design your results in life, having control over your outcomes?

Well you can!

Thinking Into Results  is designed to give you honesty, and the tools to rediscover self-belief using your natural born skills to take back control over your life and the results you're experiencing.

Thinking Into Results will take you on a journey of self discovery. It's not what you put in your mouth, it's what you put in your mind that initiates your habits. You will discover how you can regain control over your current habits (we're not just talking about food either!) and tools to trigger your awareness and kick those habits for good! No pills, no potions, no magic and definitely no BS!

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