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Virtual Gastric Band Special Offer

A VERY Limited Offer (only 5 places)

Bendigo Hypnosis is seeking 5 highly motivated people,  interested in giving their weight loss journey a much needed jump start.

  • You must have a BMI that is 30 or higher (see link to calculate). 
  • You must be ready to take full responsibility for your results.
  • You must be willing to release ALL the excuses you've used before
  • You must be willing to LET GO of all previous 'dieting' experiences.

You will need to be available for weekly appointments (days & times negotiable) for 4 consecutive weeks, we will have a 4 week break before returning for your final appointment at week 8.

The initial appointment takes up to 2 hours as we like to ensure you have a full understanding of the hypnosis process and have all your questions answered. We also use this opportunity to get to know your current lifestyle, habits, triggers and identify any potential barriers that may pop up during treatment. Subsequent appointments are 45- 60 mins. The final appointment takes up to 90mins, as we compare your initial lifestyle to your new one and set you up with all the tools you need to continue on your journey to good health.

Because you deserve it!! If you don't already know why, this program may not be for you.

If you have questions, feel free to call Amanda on 0407588077 to discuss. Please understand that Submitting an Application will not guarantee your participation. We understand that Hypnosis is not for everyone, therefore we do our best to ensure we only work with suitable, motivated clients.

The Program - At each session you attend, you will receive an accompanying CD of the session to take home and keep forever! These are designed to reinforce your hypnosis sessions whilst you sleep. There will be an adjusted eating plan for a total of 14 days. You will be guided through this (it's not as hard as it sounds!) and supported the entire way!All Program specific info is available right here on the website. Should there be any questions that you have that are not sufficiently covered, feel free to contact.

The Cash Back Offer - The full program fee of $1000 must be paid in full by one of two options - Full payment up front via eftpos, credit card, direct deposit or cash (exact amount required as no cash is kept on premises) OR 4 payments of $250 at each of the first 4 appointments (payment methods as above). You will complete all 5 sessions and comply with the 14 day food plan (it's only 2 weeks!) and follow the guidance of the therapist. At your final session, when you have said goodbye to 8kg (or more) you will receive your $500 cash - Right There, Right Then! No hidden agenda's or conditions or anything. The money is yours and so are the results!!

What Next?
If you are truly fed-up with, and ready to release those excess kilo's, all you need to do now is Complete and Submit the Application below.

Once we have assessed your suitability, we will call you to advise of the outcome and answer any further questions or concerns you may have and finally, book your first appointment!

Remember - ONLY 5 PLACES AVAILABLE! So hurry

A year from now, you'll wish you started Today!!

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