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During hypnosis you will notice your breathing slow down, your body relaxing, and you may still be able to hear what is being said.
Learn the proven method that will stop you being a victim to your circumstances and start creating the life that’s right for YOU.
Have Amanda motivate and inspire your team at your next event, special occasion, development day or training session.

Amanda J (now based in Geelong) is the collaboration of three veins of specialised services (Hypnosis, Life Coaching and NLP), geared to assist you in breaking through unhelpful thoughts and behaviours.  

Our business is ever evolving, ensuring our clients experience results based on the latest research and developments within the industry.

We pride ourselves on our personal care and attention to our clients and their needs. We also understand that no two people are the same. Life is like a 'Choose Your Own Adventure' novel. For this reason, we have designed a variety of pathways that will echo the results you're looking for.

As you journey through our site, be aware of your thoughts, the feelings in your body and the images that may pop into your mind. These responses will play an important role, acting as guide, intuitively helping you select your pathway to empowerment.
How much has your current way of thinking cost you?

Are you losing your passion and trying to get it back?

Have you gained 5, 10, or even 15+ kilograms? 

Are you trying to quit smoking and struggling on your own?

Unsure where to start?
Let us help you find options to suit your individual needs.

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